Describes the business.


It describes the historical of the model Life Cycle Canvas (LCC)

The story of the Life Cycle Canvas

Professor Manoel Veras began his carrreira at the Centro Tecnico Aeroespacial (CTA) in 1984. There has been confronted with complex projects and difficult management. Existing tools were focused on cost control and time. The difficulty in implementing what was planned was already a reality. The control of changes occurring throughout the project was difficult and complex. After the aircraft industry with the plane's radar project AMX also found the great difficulties with managing complex projects. In the IT industry and university it was also not different. The use of global practices came to light but somehow did not make project management a simple way. The emergence of canvas business use and projects already in 2004 brought to light the view that managing projects could be a more simple and intuitive thing. Came the idea of the Life Cycle Canvas, simple management without neglecting the robustness of global practices.

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